Royal Oak Light

Terms & Conditions

Please take a look at our FAQ’s section on our website and also our House Rules (below).  If you have any questions relating to these, please just let us know, we are super happy to chat through any questions.

House rules

  • Breakages or things not working as they should – If you notice something is not working, missing or any breakages do let us know so that we can try to rectify it as soon as possible, this will help us ensure this doesn’t ruin the next visitor’s holiday. 
  • If any of your guests wear fake tan – we ask that you please ensure that they use their own linen and towels (this would have been mentioned to you prior to your arrival) as it will not wash out of our white linen and unfortunately will require replacement.
  • Dogs
      1. Dogs are permitted downstairs only and please keep them off of any furniture.
      2. Dogs are welcome in any room downstairs as long as they are clean and dry; the entrance hall where the dog crates are located is tiled and heated and perfect for your 4 legged family members to dry off. There is an outside hose should your dogs need washing and in case they find one of our local bogs whilst out walking.
      3. Please ensure your dogs are securely crated at night.
      4. It is preferred if your dogs can use the paddock for toilet time vs. the garden it will help ensure the garden is kept nice for future visitors. If getting to the paddock is not possible, please endeavour to use the top garden only and please clear up after your dogs. There is a dog pooh bin next to the greenhouse for bagged dog pooh.
      5. Dogs are to be kept off of the flower beds AT ALL TIMES.
      6. You are fully responsible for your dogs and any damage they may cause, you will be charged accordingly. Dog crates are provided free of charge.
  • Fireplaces
      • The fireplace in the dining room is NOT operational.
      • For safety reasons, the log burner in the lounge is to be operated with the doors shut and with a maximum of 2 logs at a time.  The front of the fire will be hot when lit, so please ensure there is nothing left near or in front of the fire, even when the fire is cooling down.

  • French doors – located in the kitchen, it is lovely to have the doors open on a warm day, especially handy for outside dining. Please hook the doors back if you wish to leave them open – a small gust of wind can easily catch them, especially with such variability in the wind on Exmoor!
  • Security – Please leave the cottage in a secure condition when leaving the property.
  • Fire safety – please familiarise yourself and your guests with the fire procedures, immediately on arrival, which can be found in the handbook in the cottage.
    1. No candles are to be used in the cottage.
    2. No smoking in the cottage.